Spring Into 12 Hidden Gems in Aiken

As charming Aiken blooms into spring, the birds are singing more, the days are warmer and brighter, the grass is greener, colorful plants and flowers are popping up and butterflies are soaring…

With all that Aiken has to offer in the spring, I have the privilege to be a tourist in my own hometown.  This is the perfect season to explore hidden gems in this southern town. Whether it’s outdoor dining, a breathtaking scene, a breakfast nook or a place to stay, Aiken has 12 enchanting places awaiting your visit.Photo Credit: Nancy Mosely

1. Aiken Arboretum Trail

2. Aiken County Farmers Market

3. Aiken Golf Club

4. Aiken Visitors Center and Train Museum

5. Highland Park Grille

6. Hitchcock Woods

7. Hopelands Gardens

8. Rose Hill Estate

9. South Boundary

10. The Stables at Rose Hill Estate

11. Track Kitchen

12. Training Track

Spring is a beautiful time to check out these stunning places in Aiken. So, pack your bags and visit with us!