Aiken’s Story

Nestled in the heart of South Carolina, Aiken is a captivating city where history, charm, and modern vitality converge in an intimately Southern experience. With roots dating back to the early 19th century, Aiken boasts a rich history steeped in equestrian heritage, cultural diversity, and a strong sense of community. From our legendary training tracks that have nurtured world-renowned thoroughbreds to our intriguing arts scene that celebrates creativity in all forms, Aiken is a vibrant city woven from threads of tradition and innovation.

Aiken’s history sparkles with stories of historic railroad connecting Aiken to the rest of the country, ushering in new eras of growth and development for the town. The town’s significance further deepened as the the Winter Colonists — Gilded Age glitterati who traveled south seeking respite from the cold winters of the Northeast — brought with them a legacy for gracious living and a fondness for equestrian pursuits, both of which continue to shape our city today.

Today, we pride ourselves on offering a range of experiences that invite every traveler to pursue their passion. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast seeking picturesque trails and serene parks, a shopaholic exploring charming boutiques, a culinary connoisseur craving new and exciting flavors, or a history buff uncovering stories of the past, Aiken invites you to immerse yourself in our historic streets and enjoy your time in the beating heart of SC’s Thoroughbred Country.

Perhaps what truly sets Aiken apart is our unique way of embracing life – a fusion of Southern hospitality, a deep connection to the equestrian world, and a thriving cultural landscape that captures the spirit of both past and present. No matter what you’re searching for in Aiken, rest assured, you’re invited…

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