Aiken is a Photographer’s Paradise

Aiken is a safe place to social distance during the gradual reopening of businesses. You can escape to the outdoors and unleash your creative side with photography while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Check out these 12 most photogenic places in Aiken for some inspiration.

1. South Boundary

South Boundary Avenue is one of the most beautiful streets in America.  “USA Today” named it as “One of prettiest streets for a stroll” in the country.  Photographers from around the U.S. just love taking pictures of this famous Aiken Avenue. (Tip: Go early in the morning or on Sundays to avoid the traffic.)  

 2. Hopelands Gardens

Wrapped behind a serpentine brick wall, under a canopy of ancient oaks, deodar cedars and magnolias, is Hopelands Gardens. Be sure when photographing the gardens to catch the sunrays when the sun is overhead during the day.

3. Carolina Bay

If wildlife photography is your calling, then Carolina Bay is home to countless species including ducks, sea turtles and more. It’s great for capturing unique trees at bay.

4. The Locals

You are sure to witness an Aikenite doing something in their hometown that you won't see anywhere else. Capture the locals on horses at the Whiskey Road crossing where the horses have right of way! 

5. Training Track

Watch beautiful horses in the midst of a training session. Look for a foggy morning for a different take on field.  

6. Iconic Landmarks

Get creative with the iconic places such as colony homes, architecture and The Willcox. Take a photo of The Willcox when it is lit up at night.

7. Whiskey/Easy Sign

You can't leave Aiken without taking a photo of the famous Whiskey/Easy sign. Word has it that's it's the most difficult sign to photograph.  It's located on the corner of Easy Street and Whiskey Road.

8. Hitchcock Woods

Nothing is more breathtaking than beautiful Hitchcock Woods in Aiken. Wait for the sunrise or sunset when the light is golden or change the mood of the picture on a rainy day when the greens are extra green!

9. Iconic Places Touched by Fame

Fred Astaire used to dance down the very steps of the Old Post Offfice. Earn your own bragging rights by photographing this building or steps, and it’s guaranteed to get a double-tap!

10. Still Life

Capture still life that represents Aiken. Aiken has stunning barns, historic stables and equestrian attractions.

11. Blue Peter's Tree

The lone live oak tree, located on the Aiken Training Track, is the well-known Blue Peter's Tree named for the 1948 two-year-old Thoroughbred champion. It's most photographed tree in Aiken.{image_11}  

12. Downtown Art and Murals

The downtown Aiken arts scene is thriving with creative art murals and pop up art. This is a creative way to wrap up your Aiken travel photos!{image_12}  

Aiken is a photographer's paradise! Check out #visitaikensc on instagram for more photo op ideas. Where do you enjoy taking photos in Aiken? Share your pictures with us.