Sizzling Summer Bites in Aiken

As summer arrives in Aiken, the city’s culinary scene comes to life, inviting couples to explore new dining experiences outdoors. Whether you’re looking for the cozy atmosphere of a mixology bar, the laid-back vibe of a brewery, the sophisticated charm of a rum lounge, or the delightful flavors of a freshly crafted menu, Aiken offers a variety of new culinary delights waiting to be enjoyed and shared.

Good Girl Brewing Company: Where Brews and Barks Collide

Introducing the newest addition to Aiken’s brewery scene—the Good Girl Brewing Company. This trendy spot offers a wide selection of craft brews and a delectable menu that caters to all tastes. There’s something for everyone, from savory Pretzels to indulgent Brewhouse Beer Cheese and tempting pimento cheese appetizers. Thanks to their pet-friendly policy, you can enjoy it all with your furry pals by your side.

La Parisienne French Restaurant & Bakery: A Taste of Paris in the South

La Parisienne French Restaurant & Bakery, located in Downtown Aiken, now offers dinner service, providing a new taste of Paris. Thanks to the new chef, Chef Darius, the restaurant offers a romantic ambiance where culinary craftsmanship meets French cuisine. It’s the perfect place for couples to enhance their experience by dining al fresco on the patio amidst the fragrant jasmine.

Rhumba Rum and Cigar Lounge: A Cuban Escape in Downtown Aiken

Rhumba Rum and Cigar Lounge is a new hidden gem in Downtown Aiken that transports you to the vibrant streets of Havana. This lounge offers delightful Cuban cuisine, refreshing rum cocktails, a mixology bar, live music, and premium cigars. Outside, the area is lined with patio chairs and couches where you can bask in the sun while soaking in the atmosphere.

The Proper Plate: Aiken’s Downtown Cafeteria

Introducing The Proper Plate, the newest hot spot for convenient and delicious take-home meals. This trendy eatery offers a variety of cafeteria-style dishes that are perfect for a quick and satisfying dinner at home. The menu boasts comforting classics such as Chicken and Dumplings, Turkey and Dressing, and Collard Greens. Whether craving a hearty meal or trying something new, The Proper Plate has something for everyone.