Planetarium: Mesmerica

January 10, 2024
2:00 pm

An Immersive 3D art show is coming to Aiken. Dive into a world of 3D animated art, curated from artists worldwide, set to the mesmerizing music of Grammy-nominated composer and percussionist James Hood.

This immersive show is designed to transcend time, offering soothing relaxation and stimulating your mind and senses. An ideal weekend event, it’s stress-relieving activity that engages both art lovers and music enthusiasts alike.

“I want ‘Mesmerica’ to inspire you into taking a journey with me inside the mind, to engage your senses and feelings with a miraculous alchemy of sound and light!”
– James Hood, Show Creator

*Note: All reservations and ticket sales will go through Mesmerica and not the DuPont Planetarium. Tickets are available at: