Author Talk with David Wolman

April 4, 2024
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Some people have known David Wolman as the Physician Assistant who helped them in the Emergency Department of Aiken Regional, but Wolman is also the author of numerous novels. Mr. Wolman received a Pulitzer nomination for his libretto for the cantata, The Long Bright, a series of poems documenting Mr. Wolman’s late wife’s battle with breast cancer. “There are continual, impressionistic glances at the sun: lingering sunsets, warming sun rays, the long bright of sunrise.” James Freeman, artistic Director of Orchestra 2001 said: “An hour-long cantata on a husband’s poetic response to the death of his wife from breast cancer might have been maudlin and depressing. Instead, this is a terrific piece, uplifting, optimistic, and hopeful.” Mr. Wolman will speak about how he wrote The Long Bright, read selections of the poetry, and play recorded musical excerpts of the piece with a discussion of how lyric writing differs from other kinds of poetry and how he adapted his poetry for the cantata. Mr. Wolman will also discuss his other written works.