Operating Season: April 1st through October 1st

Hours of Operation:
Mondays: 1pm – 8pm
Tuesday-Friday: 9:30am – 8pm
Saturdays: 1pm – 8pm
Sundays: 1pm – 8pm

The Sprayground is available for rentals on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30am to 12:45pm. During inclement weather the Sprayground will not be open. You MUST EXIT the Sprayground with any signs of thunder, lightning, or oncoming severe weather. The Sprayground WILL be open on ALL HOLIDAYS that fall during the operating season.

*Please call the Aiken Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department if there are any questions regarding rules and regulations listed above. If there are any problems, please contact the City of Aiken at 803-642-7761, 803-642-7631 or the Aiken Department of Public Safety at 803-642-7620. For any and all emergencies call 911. For rental information, please call 803-642-7761.