Can You Outwit The Kit?

Aiken’s fox hunt invites sleuths of all ages to find 6 bronze kits savoring some of the city’s most popular spots.

Shhh, look quietly for Fable the Fox as she
probably has her nose buried in the latest
She loves nothing more than to check out a good
mystery, thriller, and occasional self-help guide.
If you get distracted by the distinguished architecture
of the 19th-century former academy here, the stories
its walls can tell, or even the colorful playground,
don’t worry, Fable will let it slide.

Freight the Fox is a stickler for time, so you’d
best make tracks before he departs.
Freight has access to all sorts of maps, brochures and
tips for enjoying everything that Aiken has to offer.
And if you enjoy locomotive history as much as
Freight does, don’t chugga-chugga-choo-choo to the
next location without exploring the museum here.

Now that you’ve picked up steam, it’s time
to fi nd Flora the Fox.
Flora is chilling in a lush park among the company
of two former Aiken mayors.
Look for their monuments in this charming
downtown oasis named after a local dentist who
oversaw the planting of a hundred oaks and elms
around the city in the late 1800s.
While you’re here, you might be tempted to sink
your teeth into a slice of pizza.

Not too far from Flora, you’ll fi nd Fender the
Fox slinking through a festive downtown lane
where no Ford or Ferrari can go.
Unlike the typical shy fox, Fender likes live music,
amped up menus, stirring art, and a rousing game of
checkers or corn hole.
A hound finds the fox by tracking its scent. You’ll find
Fender by following your nose and your ears.

Even foxes need a little retail therapy, and
after a day of exploring the boutiques and
antiques of Aiken, Flo the Fox is rather thirsty.
She’s found a quaint little fountain in a median along
Laurens Street that was donated to the city by the
1964 class of Aiken High School (Go Hornets!)
If you’re looking for a little refreshment yourself, an
ice cream shop in your line of vision is all the buzz!

Franklin the Fox is catching some Zzzs
in front of a grand columned building where
presidents, royalty, and kings of industry
have come to do the same since the end
of the 1800s.
A president that shares his first name was said
to be a frequent visitor.
When Franklin awakes from his nap, he might enjoy
a gourmet lunch, a hot stone massage, or an ice-cold
glass of sweet tea beside the pool.