Aiken Equine Rescue

Aiken Equine Rescue was established in 2006 with 90 acres of land. Many horses come straight off the track to the rescue, and Aiken Equine Rescue is home to many thoroughbreds, including the last living relative of Triple Crown Winner, Affirmed. They have 8 pastures, 13 paddocks, a stable, office building, and maintenance barn. In the 10 years since its founding, Aiken Equine Rescue has become the largest horse rescue center in the southeastern United States. It has placed some 675 horses into adopted homes and rescued many horses, donkeys, and mules. At any given time, between 60 – 70 horses reside at the Center: 10 boarders, 12 ‘sanctuary’ horses, and usually about 40 up for adoption.

Tour the Aiken Equine Rescue facility and meet the horses.

Tours are on Monday – Saturday from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. Tours are free, donations are welcome.