Aiken Downtown Cultural District

The South Carolina Cultural District program, administered by the South Carolina Arts Commission, designates geographic areas in cities or towns with a concentration of artistic assets, cultural facilities, and creative businesses. The Aiken Downtown Cultural District is the 12th official Cultural District in South Carolina and contains landmarks including the Amentum Center for Performing Arts, Aiken Center for the Arts, the Alley, and several public art pieces. The goal is to promote arts and culture, create and share new ideas, and increase cultural tourism and investment in the creative economy. By concentrating on cultural activities and businesses, these districts enhance the vibrancy and appeal of their respective communities. Additionally, cultural districts often serve as focal points for community events and festivals, drawing locals and tourists alike and creating memorable experiences. Thus, a vibrant cultural district like Aiken’s Downtown Cultural District encourages cultural travelers to experience Aiken.

We invite you to engage with the Aiken Downtown Cultural District, whether by attending a play at our local theater, live music in the Alley, or the Annual Art Walk in the heart of the district.