An Artisan Affair

In the 1530s, the term Artisan found its origin in the Middle French, from the northern Italian dialect form of Tuscan artigiano. The term means a skilled workman.  And skilled work certainly is showcased at Aiken’s new Artisan Market & Décor. I’m in love with arts of all kinds and was especially intrigued when I heard about the opening of the new shop.

I'd like to welcome Larry and Connie Shepard to our community.  They have indeed brought a touch of

class and the west coast with the opening of their new business, Artisan Market & Décor.


Creative handmade pieces include custom made farm tables, wood furniture, fireplace mantles, doors, and gates. The wood furniture pieces are breathtaking.  The market is also home to local art, home decor and gift items. Check out the fire pits! I love the fact that they are remade from recycled materials.


Larry and Connie Shepard moved from Las Vegas to Aiken County two years ago, and both retired from the Home Depot.  Larry retired 15 years ago; and Connie who managed the Home Depot in Aiken retired at the end of June. Connie has always had a dream to open up her own shop. We are all happy to see that dream come true.


The next challenge was where to open the shop, but it wasn’t long until downtown Aiken won the hearts of the Sheppards. The vibrant downtown with busy shops and dining is home to Artisan Market & Décor. It occupies the former Stoplight Deli (which will be dearly missed). We are glad to see the Sheppards become a part of our Aiken community with Artisan Market & Décor.


Shop local and bring those creative and unique pieces to your home that no one else will have. While you are at the Artisan Market & Décor, check out the intriguing bird feeder by Mark Casper. I’m eyeing the fire pit!