Firehouse Subs

The creation of Firehouse Subs was based on our love for cooking and fellowship, and our passion for serving customers. We grew up in a family-owned retail television business in Jacksonville, Florida, where we learned from an early age that you have to take care of the customer. Being exposed to the entrepreneurial spirit of our parents, I guess you could say we were bitten by the "entrepreneurial bug" at an early age. The idea for Firehouse Subs was drawn out on a napkin in a competitor's parking lot.

The Product
Serve hearty subs with high quality meats and cheeses. It took two years of research to find the right products, and it was truly a family affair from the beginning. We utilized holidays as tasting parties to get input from our family and close friends.

The Heat
Serve hot subs without using a microwave. Using a steamer heats the meat and cheese, but also adds moisture, unlike a microwave. Steaming is what makes the meat and cheese flavors burst, and once we tasted it, we knew there was nothing else like it.

The Customers
Create an environment that focuses on customer service, and is family-oriented. Growing up in a family-owned business, it came natural.

The Theme
Find a theme that people can relate to, and that is authentic. Our mom's family has decades of service on the Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department (JFRD), and her relatives inspired our father to join the fire department.

Firehouse Subs has been serving the hottest subs in town ever since. We are now celebrating 14 years in business, and have opened more than 350 restaurants in 19 states. As they say at the fire station, "Let's Eat!"

Contact Information

Firehouse Subs
152 South Aiken Lane
Aiken SC, 29803


Sunday - Thursday: 10:30am - 9:00pm Friday - Saturday: 10:30am - 10:00pm

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