City Billiards

City Billiards

City Billiards was established by a man named AR Edwards in 1957 He developed the chili recipe that is still in use today. In those early years the Pool Hall was established for "Men" only. Women were not allowed to venture inside or to participate in the games reserved for men. Some women who were brave enough to enter were delegated to stay behind a roped off area and were only allowed to be bystanders. As the years and ownerships changed, so did this establishment. Renovations to the existing bar and a needed change in attitudes have provided a more pleasing environment for all ages to enjoy.

Now you can bring the whole family, your church or school groups for birthday, office, graduation and even wedding reception parties for a daily luncheon dinner or an evening of Pool.

Contact Information

City Billiards
208 Richland Ave.
Aiken SC, 29801


Monday - Friday:10:00am - 12:00am Saturday:11:00am - 12:00am *Grill closes at 9:00 pm

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