Bridlewood Farm

Bridlewood Farm

Bridlewood is situated on a gently sloping parcel of land with breathtaking views of the hills across the valley of Shaw’s Creek.  Adjacent to the paddocks are 37 acres of lush forest with pines, oaks, holly, maple and dogwood. Over 3 miles of well maintained and easily accessible trails were designed & charted, and carefully carved into the forest.

The trails traverse diverse terrain, with some sections winding through the woods, and other sections on a straight path, well-suited for a brisk trot. There are also paths just wide enough for a single file horse ride, providing a bit of adventure.  The woods are easily accessible by electric gate, and many of Bridlewood’s clients enjoy taking a lesson in the professional ring, and then heading over to the woods for a ride on the trails.

Contact Information

Bridlewood Farm
597 Redds Branch Rd
Aiken SC, 29801
(770) 309-2210

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