The Battle of Aiken


Confederate Memorial Park
1210 Powell Pond Road
Aiken SC, 29801

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Contact Info

Glenn Zimmerman
(888) 378-7623
Battle of Aiken
P.O. Box 1863
Aiken, SC 29802


Ages 0-5,FREE
Ages 5-12,$5.00
Ages 13-18,$10.00
Ages 19 and up,$15.00

Join us and see history come alive with cannons, cavalry horses and living history experts.  For three days, reenactors eat, sleep, live and fight in a painfully recreated version of the world in 1865. This War Between the States event has grown from a few hundred men with muskets to a full-blown Civil War festival. In addition to battle reenactments, there are authentic 19th-century military encampments, living history presentations, reproductions of medical facilities, an engineer and signal service, and civilian portrayals. 

Schedule of Events (tentative)

Friday School Day
We understand some have not registered for this year’s School Day. Come out and join us. There is no charge for Friday School Day. There is a charge for Saturday and Sunday attendance.

9:00 A. M. Gates open
10:00 A. M. Period Wedding
10:45 A. M. Ladies Tea Speaker Kim Poovey
11:30 A. M. Dance Demonstration
11:30 A. M. Battle of White Pond (Federal Victory)
12:45 P. M. Shoot Out
1:30 P. M. Funeral Procession
2:30 P. M. Battle of Aiken (CSA Victory)
4:00 P. M. Clogger Demonstration
7:00 P. M. Period Ball

9:00 A. M. Gates open
10:00 A. M. Church Services (Pavilion)
11:15 A. M. Fashion Show
1:00 P. M. Shoot Out
1:30 P. M. Funeral Procession
2:30 P. M. Battle of Aiken Reenactment (CSA Victory)

Infantry, Specialty, Living History, and Civilian Registration: Please download PDF Forms to pre-register for this years event and send to: Battle of Aiken, P.O. Box 1863, Aiken SC, 29802.

Artillery Registration
Artillery units are by invitation only. Due to space restraints, artillery guns allowed on the field will be limited to those who preregister and are accepted. Individuals of other units may attend, supplement other units as needed and camp. But, space and safety require the limitation of guns on the field. Extra guns may be left in camp for spectator viewing. All artillery units must preregister to be eligible for payment of bounties. To register your unit please contact Col Vernon Terry at

Calvary Registration
Cavalry: Calvary units are by invitation only. A current, original Coggins certificate for your horse is required. Please also note that horse hay and feed will not be provided but a bounty will be provided per horse to cover your feed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we cannot guarantee the feed quality and are concerned for the horses’ health and safety. We do have a local vendor that can handle your needs. They provide us with our straw and other supplies. Our desire is to have a local supplier, with a reasonable price, available to you for feed and hay, if you so desire. More information will follow and you will be required to communicate with them directly for this service. All Cavalry units must preregister to be eligible for payment of bounties. To register you and your horse please contact Major Dan Gregory at

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