National Astronomy Night at Redcliffe


Redcliffe Plantation
181 Redcliffe Rd
Beech Island SC, 29842

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Tedda Howard
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The Astronomy Club of Augusta invites you to celebrate National Astronomy Night at Redcliffe Plantation, Beech Island, SC on Saturday, May 11, 7-11 PM.

Members of the Astronomy Club of Augusta (ACA) will host naked-eye, binocular, and telescope observing of the Moon, constellations, and stars on the Lawn/Field at Redcliffe.  Enjoy the whole week observing at about the same time to see the Moon appear larger each night.  ACA members will explain these changes of size and sky position when you arrive.

Come early to observe the 1st Quarter Moon at its best. And watch the astronomers set up their telescopes while it is still light.  Get help with yours if you need it.  Together, we'll locate mare, highlands, mountains, rills, craters, and NASA lunar landing sites.

Bring what you have of planisphere, binoculars, telescope, towels to prop up you head, &/or a light weight reclining lawn chair.  Or, just enjoy walking around from scope to scope.

As the sky darkens, view beautiful stars, constellations, clusters, and nebulae.  Our experienced members can help you.

Be the first the spot Sirius, Capella, Procyon, then Betelgeuse.

Be the first the spot Sirius, Capella, Procyon, then Betelgeuse.

Look for Planet Mars before it sets.

Find Praesepe (Beehive Cluster) first naked-eye, then with binoculars. Wow!

Learn the bright stars in Leo, Hydra, and Corvus.

Trace Virgo, its bright stars, and find many clusters and nebulae.

Spend the evening with the Big Dipper, and learn more about Ursa major.

Hop over to double star Cor Caroli in Canes Venatici.

Check out Boӧtes, Corona Borealis, Hercules, and Draco nipping at his heel.

Have a good time, and keep looking up!

Directions to 181 Redcliffe Rd, Beech Island, SC 29842:  Enter Redcliffe Plantation,, off Hwy 278, and park at the Visitors' Center near the Observing Field.  This Observing Field is beautiful, huge, with good viewing everywhere, mowed grass, and treated for fire ants.

The ACA officially formed in 1987 and has been learning and sharing with the CSRA public all things astronomical.  Our monthly meetings focus on getting new members started and presenting the latest and best science by professors and scientists from all over the southeast, sometimes from NASA.  Sometimes we observe the moon after the meeting. Two weeks later our members gather at our dark sky site to observe planets, distant constellations, stars, clusters and nebulae.  Our Outreach programs, like here at Redcliffe for National Astronomy Night, share all we know with the public.  We hope you will come and be inspired!

For more information and detailed directions, visit the ACA Website Calendar of Events page at:

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