Aiken to be Site of First Saratoga WarHorse Satellite Facility

AIKEN, S.C. --- Saratoga WarHorse is pleased to announce a first satellite facility at the Equine Rescue of Aiken, to be inaugurated by founder and executive director Bob Nevins at 11 a.m., Wednesday, March 5.

            Saratoga WarHorse, a non-profit organization that helps veterans suffering from the invisible, psychological wounds of war, is having continued success in changing veterans’ lives and Nevins has already proclaimed Aiken as the best place to bring these heroic veterans and the noble Thoroughbreds together.

            As documented on ESPN, CBS Evening News and an award-winning documentary by HRTV, Saratoga WarHorse is a confidential, 3-day experience that provides a peer-to-peer, action-based, equine-assisted experience. The program is provided at no cost to veterans.

            Through a connection process between off-the-track Thoroughbreds and veterans, an interactive experience is created. Using the silent language of the horse, a mutual trust and profound bond is established that goes beyond verbal communication.

            Aiken resident and Board member of Saratoga WarHorse, Anne Campbell, of Dogwood Stable, stated, "Aiken is the ideal satellite setting for Saratoga WarHorse given that this is one of the most famous sports towns on the planet earth and it has a bighearted approach to welcoming ideas and people. I am proud to be involved in Saratoga WarHorse and, as always, with Aiken.

Equine Rescue of Aiken recognized this important healing connection between veteran and horse, and has graciously opened its facility to Saratoga WarHorse and its veterans without charge, hoping classes may begin in late spring, 2014.”

            Equine Rescue of Aiken, owned by the RMF Foundation, founded by Richard and Isabel Furlaud, managed by Jim Rhodes, is operated at Haven Hills Farm, 532 Glenwood Dr., Aiken, S.C., 29803, just a short distance south of Aiken. Glenwood is the second right off of Silver Bluff Road south of Richardson’s Lake Road. Equine Rescue of Aiken can be reached at (803) 643-1850, or (706) 373-6350 and

            Saratoga WarHorse creates a win-win situation for veterans and off-the-track Thoroughbreds by providing an effective alternative method for healing emotional wounds and offering the horses rewarding and meaningful work after their racing careers have ended.

            For more information about Saratoga WarHorse, please visit http://www.saratogawarhorse .com or contact Bob Nevins, Executive Director, at or 518-321-3033. Saratoga WarHorse is a non-profit 501(c)(3).

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