Aiken City Limits

Aiken City Limits

1. Aiken is the South’s Best Small Town

Get the opportunity to discover why Aiken was voted Southern Living’s 2018 South’s Best Small Town.

2. The Talent

Aiken City Limits has more than DOUBLED in event participation from 2017 to 2018!  We have both local and  national touring groups that will be here sharing their gifts!

3.  Most of the events are FREE

Businesses around town are working hard to bring music and culture to Aiken and want to do it FREE OF CHARGE to you! Check out the schedule! ALL ARE WELCOME!  #GrowMusic #Aiken4Music


One of the few ticketed events will be The After Party at Newberry Hall featuring The Trongone Band & Friends for an all-star Allman Brothers Jam Fest!  Tickets will be on sale soon so stay tuned to our Facebook page and Doors will be open from 10pm – 1:30am! Get your tickets NOW! They’re going fast!

5.  #AikenTrolley

Don’t miss a thing!  The Aiken Trolley will be running to all of the events Saturday from 1:00 pm - 11:00 pm Saturday night.  The map and schedule are posted on our website for your reference and will take you to all things music!

6.  The Food

Discover some of the best places to eat around Aiken as many restaurants around the City will be hosting events with musicians.

7.   Yoga – sorry, we don’t have goats!

Join Alley Kneece for “Bend & Brew” in the parkway with live music! 

8. The Arts

One of the many pop up parkway events will be an art class from Art & Soul with live music playing while you let your creativity take you away!

9. Brunch!

There will be three different bunch events on Sunday morning/afternoon!  After a late night of music and fun, nothing is better than brunch!

10.  Science, Science, SCIENCE

Celebrate Aiken’s nuclear history and Nuclear Science week with SRS for Atoms in The Alley.  This event was one of the many events of the 1st annual Aiken City Limits Festival! 

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