Tips for Photographing Aiken’s Famous South Boundary Avenue

Tips for Photographing Aiken’s Famous South Boundary Avenue

South Boundary Avenue is one of the most beautiful streets in America.  Just ask the USA Today which named it "One of prettiest streets for a stroll" in the country.  If it's pretty for strolling, then it surely is pretty for photography!  Photographers from around the US just love taking pictures of this famous Aiken avenue.  Want to take your own stunning photos of South Boundary Avenue? Here are our top tips!

1. Go to the intersection of Marion Street or Wiiliamsburg Street and South Boundary where the trees branches are the thickest.

Photo Credit: Outdoor Hands

2. Early in the morning, later in the day, or on Sundays are better options for taking photos due to less traffic.

Photo Credit: APGouge Photography

3. Save the location for special occasions like engagements or wedding photos.

Photo Credit: Ashley Marks Photography

4. Even prom or special announcements (guaranteed to get a double-tap).

Photo Credit: Shannonshuford

5. Aiken is especially full of color in the spring and fall!

Photo Credit: Shirley Radabaugh

6. Get low when you take the photo to get a more unique, all-encompassing perspective.

Photo Credit: Mark Hudson

7. If the sun isn't out, the avenue can develop a moody look which is perfect for photographs. Look for a foggy day for a different take on the street.

Photo Credit: Brian Ruppel

8. Capture the beauty of snow on the oaks. Note: Your chances of seeing this in sunny SC is rare, but if the chance arises it’s hard to beat!

Photo Credit: Mark Hudson

9. Wait for a rainy day when your greens are extra green!

Photo Credit: Steve Rich

10. Capture that moment of a horse and carriage ride under the canopy.

11. Shoot from a side angle.

Photo Credit: APGouge Photography

12. Filter the picture in black and white or any other cool settings. Instagram filters can really help bring out the green in the trees!

Photo Credit: Sheri Clemons

13. Wait for the sunrise or sunset when the light is golden!

Photo Credit: APGouge Photography

14. Catch the sunrays when the sun is more overhead during the day.

Photo Credit: Debra Baer

15. Unlock your creative side [Warning! Photos taken at your own risk…].

Bring a camera, use your eye and imagination, and own a piece of the most beautiful picturesque South Boundary today! Of course, there's more to Aiken than this famous spot.  For trip planning ideas head to our official website

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